OpenPSY aims to make your research as seamless, painless and rewarding as possible. OpenPsy has five main components that are used to execute your psychology, behavioral, or social science research project/program in an efficient and effective manner. 


  1. Online Data Collection (Similar to SurveyMonkey© or Zoomerang©
  2. Multiple Statistical Analyses Software Packages (Same analyses as SPSS© and SAS©) 
  3. Online Collaboration Tools (For coauthoring and editing) 
  4. Bibliographic Reference Tools (Similar to EndNote©
  5. Project Management Tools (Similar to MSProject©)


Given the OpenPSY commitment to Open Source philosophy, the above tools are offered as part of an annual $60.00 subscription package that offers the above, plus the following: 

  • Software Forums 
  • Downloadable Data in multiple formats 
  • An enormous number of Psychological/Behavioral and Social Science resources to tackle the toughest projects. 


From your class project, honors thesis, Masters Thesis, Dissertation, straight through to your faculty and professional endeavors, OpenPSY can handle it all.

The Tools You Need To Get It Done. Period.

OpenPSY exists to  facilitate psychology, behavioral and social sciences students, faculty and professionals research needs.  


The Tools

  • Online data collection tools
  • Statistical analyses packages
  • Online collaboration
  • Bibliographic  reference tools
  • Project Management Tools
  • And Much More!

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 ψ   Take advantage of others experience and expertise through the academic and professional experience.

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